Swipe Up and Down for Storyline 360 navigation

I know that currently in Storyline that only swipe left and right gestures are supported. Does anyone happen to have a work around to allow for swiping up and down to navigation of slides? My users have requested this as I am using Rise 360 and incorporating Storyline with in it. Thanks for any ideas  and or help!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rob,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your curiosity. I do not have a workaround, and I've not seen this feature request in the past.

Not all Rise 360 interactions are up/down. The Process Interaction and Flashcard Stack come to mind in addition to a Storyline Block.

If this is a feature that you would like to see, I invite you to share your thoughts and how you would use this directly with our team here.

I look forward to ideas from the community as well.