Slides with text entries on them look off on export

Jun 14, 2021

We have developed 2 modules for a client with many text entries exercises. The slides worked perfectly a couple months ago. Recently we wanted to make some adjustments in the courses and exported them again, but now the text entry slides look off after exporting the modules. In the storyline look correct though.

Can this issue caused by an update of the Articulate Storyline 3 software which we are using? How can we resolve the issue?

I have tried exporting the modules in HTML5/Flash and all the possible ways but none of them worked. I have tried to make the slides again, however the issue stayed. I have also tried to check with all the browsers to see if there is any difference. I am using tempshare for testing. 

I have attached 2 screenshots. One of the slide in articulate and one in the export to see the difference. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Arpad!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like the text entry fields look fine in Storyline 3, but they shift after publishing the project. Are you publishing for LMS or Web?

Also, have you tried viewing the course in a different browser? Do the text entry fields shift when using a different browser?

If you're comfortable sharing your project, I'm happy to take a look. You can either attach it to this discussion or upload it privately in a support case.