Software Simulation from a Shared Screen-Try Mode doesn't work

May 06, 2022

Yesterday my SME shared her screen for a software simulation, which I captured using Storyline. It worked fine when replayed as a video on a single slide; however, when changing to the Try Mode, SL didn't break the steps down into individual slides as it does when I capture a process from my own computer. 

Has anyone else encountered this situation? Is there a solution or workaround? Thank you for any input.

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Mary, 

The 'Try Mode' option when inserting a screen recording will only work if the screen recording was done on your computer. Recording a screen sharing session won't work because Storyline 360 has to recognize the inputs entered on your keyboard and mouse to generate the 'Try Mode' slides. 

Here's a guide on how to insert Try Mode Step-by-Step Slides from a screencast

You'll need to record yourself making the keyboard inputs and mouse clicks on your screen in order to properly generate the 'Try Mode' slides.

Hope this helps!