Starting a motion path after another

Jan 19, 2022

Hi, I have two objects that follow their individual motion paths. Object one starts when the user clicks on the main picture and then Object two should start either when Object one intersects with it or after x seconds. They should both complete at the same time. I have tried to adjust the timeline of Object two and it simply makes it appear way down the motion path instead of at it's beginning. I have tried to add a cue point for object two and it makes no difference. I only have one trigger that states "When user clicks Picture 1, Move Object One along Motion Path 1, Move Object Two along Motion Path 2". Any ideas on how to properly attack this? I am a new user so pls dont shoot me straight away....

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, John, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ✨

I'm happy to help, but I'm not able to fully visualize what you're attempting to do. Would it be possible to share a sample .story file or a screen recording explaining how you'd like the objects to move?

Without looking at the file, I'd imagine using the following triggers:

  • Move object_1 along Line Motion Path 1 when the user clicks object_1
  • Move object_2 along Line Motion Path 2 when object_2 intersects with object_1

Let me know if this works!

Walt Hamilton


Maria's suggestion to use the intersect trigger is probably the best, but if it  doesn't work, here are some other ideas. The problem is that you can't predict when the learner will click, so using the timeline is not a good option. Unless you pause the timeline at a certain point. Then when the learner clicks object 1, resume the timeline, and move object 1. Place object two on the timeline x seconds after the pause, and use its default trigger (Move object 2 on path when timeline starts on object 2).

Another idea is to build a trigger on object 1 that moves it, and also shows a layer (with nothing on it) . Set it not to hide other layers, to hide itself when the timeline ends, and to move object 2 when the timeline ends on it. (Sort of an invisible timer.)

John Ivancic

Hi Maria, thanks for the response. I ended up doing something that I didnt necessarily want to do which was to basically create two motion paths that almost mirror each other aside from one path portion. This was done because the intersect trigger simply would not fire at the correct point and mostly due to time constraints. I tried using cue points, but cannot work out why if the two motion paths (at least on screen) appear to intersect, that one doesnt trigger the other to perform the required task? I would like to supply the story but it contains company proprietry data so I don't think I can do that.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, John.

Thank you for the update!

I understand you can't share the .story file here, but if you're able to do through a private link to our support team, we're happy to take a look and see why the intersect trigger is not working for you.

Another alternative is creating a sample project using shapes so we can get a better idea of what you're trying to do and the triggers you are using.