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I've designed a slide with multiple layers. I want the user to be able to proceed to the next screen only once all the layers are accessed. Additionally, I would like the user to revisit the slide in it's saved state instead of it's initial state.

The settings on the slide are as below:

Change state of Next button to disabled when timeline starts on this slide

Change state of Next button to normal which Objects (with layers) are visited

When revisiting resume saved state.

When the entire project is previewed and I land on the above mentioned slide, it works well in the first attempt. However, if I move to the previous slide and return to the slide with layers, it (slide with layers) goes back to the initial state and doesn't enable the Next slide even if I access all the objects on the slide.

Any tips would be helpful!







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Judy Nollet

Hi, Bernita,

Storyline has a "quirk" (aka bug): Even when you set a slide to resume saved state for revisiting, the program will still execute "when the timeline starts" triggers. To ensure the Next button only disables the first time a user visits the slide, do this: 

  • Create a T/F variable with an initial value of False.
  • Add a condition to the disable-Next trigger so it only executes if the variable = False. 
  • Add a slide trigger that adjusts the variable to True with the same conditions used for the trigger that changes Next to Normal.
Judy Nollet

Hi, Bernita,

I got it working in the attached file. Here's what I did:

  • I added a trigger to adjust the variable to True when all the buttons reach the Visited state.
  • I edited the trigger for enabling Next. It now just looks for the variable to be True when the timeline starts.
  • I deleted the Disabled states from the buttons on the base. The slide forces the user to click all 6 buttons. There's no reason to force them to click them in a given order. (They'll probably do that on their own anyway.) Plus, if someone decided to review info, clicking a previously-viewed button could reset the subsequent button back to Normal, so that button wouldn't be counted as Visited
  • I added checkmarks to all the Visited states. This helps the user (and the person testing the course!) to see which buttons have been clicked. You can certainly edit the Visited states, but there should be some way to differentiate between Normal and Visited.

By the way, I noticed you have a whole lotta  "Hide this layer" triggers. Those can be deleted. The default setting is that a "Show a Layer" trigger automatically hides the current layer. You'd have to adjust the Layer Properties to show multiple layers at the same time: 

Bernita Joseph

Thanks for this Judy. Yes, the trigger 'hide this layers' needs to be removed. I added it while trying various ways of getting the slide to work.

So I've managed to work similar type of  slides work based on the above steps. However, I still seem to be getting soemthing wrong in one of the slides. I have attached the below file for your review. Please view slide 1.3 Aboriginal Culutral Identity. This slide doesn't have as many layers as the previous slides, but I believe the triggers are supposed to be similar to that mentioned in your message above. But, the 'Next' button doesn't disable when timeline starts in preview mode.

Thanks for your assistance with this. Appreciate your help.




Walt Hamilton

On slide 1.4, when the layers are not hidden. When the learner clicks close, they jump to the base slide, restarting the timeline, which sets Next to Disabled or Normal, depending on the variable.

Slide 1.3 doesn't. When close is clicked, the layers are hidden, but the timeline isn't restarted.

FYI: If it bothers you that 1.4 comes before 1.3, you can easily change the numbers, since you are using jump to a named slide triggers, and not jump to next slide, or previous slide. In the story view pane, grab 1.4, and move it up under 1.2 until you see a blue arrow pointing to the title of 1.2.

Turn it loose, and it will return to its original position, with a new number.  You may need to practice some, but if it doesn't turn out right, use CTRL-z to undo.

Bernita Joseph

Sorry! I''ve got one more question- The above slides are set to "reset to saved state" on revisiting.

Would the settings have to change for next button to be enabled after visitng all the layers, if i set the slide to "Reset to intiial state" when revisitng?

I tried changing the slide property to 'Reset to initial state' when revisiting (and kept all the other settings as is). However, the next button remained disabled after visiting all the layers.

Judy Nollet

Hi again, Bernita,

I'm glad to see Walt jumped in to help. 

Articulate's User Guide provides information about settings for revisiting a slide: 

I suggest you bookmark the User Guide. It's got a lot of info to help as you get started with Storyline: 

Bernita Joseph

Thanks Judy, I did look at the link you shared but don't seem to find an answer for my issues raised in my message sent 5 days ago. Re sharing it here. would you be able to assist please?


The above slides (int he file shared previosuly) are set to "reset to saved state" on revisiting.

I tried changing the slide property to 'Reset to initial state' when revisiting (and kept all the other settings as is). However, the next button remained disabled after visiting all the layers.