States not changing when variable changes

Sep 09, 2022

Hello Community;

I have a project where on Scene 1 I have  7 button menu. I have an image with the words "Completed" that is initially in a hidden state over the button. 

When the learner completes Module 1 (scene 2), a variable is set to change when the timeline starts on the last slide of Scene 2;

  • "Set Status_Module_1 to value True When the timeline starts on this slide"

Back on Scene 1, on the menu slide, the trigger is set as follows:

  • Set state of Comp-Mod1 - "Completed" to Normal when status_module_1 changes
  • I've also tried with as: Set state of Comp-Mod1 - "Completed" to Normal when status_module_1 changes if Status_Module_1 = value True

When the variable changes in Scene 2, the state of Comp-Mod1 does not change to Normal. 

What am I missing? 

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Tom Kuhlmann

Walt's right. If you think about it, your trigger is to do X when the variable changes, however, the variable isn't changing (because it's already been changed).

So to Walt's point, you are revisiting that slide and at that point you want to review the variables and if the variable = X do something (change the button)

So it's change the state of the button when the timeline of the slide starts on the condition that variable = X.