Stopping the sound in a drag and drop interaction

Feb 08, 2023

Hi ,

I am creating a drag-and-drop interaction where a specific sound only is activated if the drop is correct; I want to avoid incorporating the incorrect drop. This part works well for each of my drag items, but I cannot get the sound to stop when another object is dragged correctly. I tried putting the sound on the drag motion, but I could not get it to work. I've tried changing the state of the button, but as I have the drag-and-drop option, I seem to be limited (I tried creating a custom "complete" state, but I wasn't able to stop the sound with that either). I tried using cue points to stop the sound as well.

My current variables are as follows:

  • StopSound set to false
  • I have 7 sounds; I created a variable for each
    • PlayA
    • PlayB
    • PlayC etc, that are all set to false

Drag-and-drop layer:

  • Set SoundStop to true when timeline starts on this slide.
  • Set PlayA to true when the user drops rectangle 22 on hotspot A (repeated for each of the other 6)

Audio layer:

  • Set SoundStop to true when timeline starts on this slide.
  • Play audio Audio_A when play audio changes if the state of rectangle 22 = drop correct (change audio files for following 6)

This work. I just can’t stop the sound. I am stumped!!
Looking for some E-learning Hero's to help!

Thanks in advance,




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