Storyline 2 jumps from layer momentarily back to base layer


I must be missing something here but I can't figure out what. I have a Click Next when user presses Next on the base layer, which takes them to Layer 1. On Layer 1, the trigger is Jump to Next Slide when the timeline ends. What's it's doing is ending the layer, showing the base layer for a split second, and then moving to the next slide. Any clues on what's causing this? Can you replicate it?

Thanks. Story attached.

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Cheryl Hoover

Wendy, thanks for being so quick. I really appreciate that. I can't believe I've never built something the same way before but obviously not!  

I'm surprised that doesn't work. It would seem like the options wouldn't be visible if they don't work. But Next on the base layer is working. It's Layer 1 that's moving backwards to the base layer before it jumps to slide 2. I've never seen a layer jump back to the original base layer before.

In this case, I want the user to have to click something to move on. So my only option would be creating a custom Next button then?

Thanks again for answering so fast.


Karen Cote

I had a similar problem, trying to jump from a layer to next slide, and another layer was briefly flashing before going to next slide. Turned out to be the base layer had a hotspot and trigger, and on the layer I wanted to jump to next slide, the base layer trigger was active (even though not showing in layer trigger panel). Solution was to go to Slide Layer Properties and check Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer.