StoryLine 3 and Camtasia Studio 22 Codec

Jul 18, 2022

Storyline 3 Update 17.

I've just updated to Camtasia Version 22 and when I try to import an MP4 video it produces, Storyline says "Could not be imported ... latest media player ... and codecs".

The video plays fine with MS Media Player and VLC Player, but won't import into Storyline.  Storyline can import a different video created using PowerPoint.

Camtasia Studio and Storyline are both installed on the same PC so the codecs are there.  Any ideas?

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Colin Davis

Thank you Joe, I did get an email from support, but I can't now reproduce the problem - it's working fine today.  I'm not sure what changed, whether is was just several reboots, I did receive some Microsoft updates yesterday, but whatever fixed it, it's working fine today.

Thank you for your prompt support.