Storyline 360 app is blurry in Windows 10 on 4K monitor

Jun 24, 2021

This has been covered years ago on this forum, but no progress has been made. On high DPI monitors or 4K monitors, Windows 10 customarily scales (enlarges apps and text) to 200% or more. I have more than 65 apps on my PC, and all of them scale properly — they are all sharp regardless of scaling. Except for Storyline 360.

On my 4K monitor, Storyline 360 is blurry, like it's out of focus. Working all day in the app is an unpleasant experience. Changing the high DPI settings in the app's properties doesn't solve it — it introduces other problems.

Storyline 360 has been given years to clean up its scaling. Every other app on my PC scales properly and sharply — from free apps to complex apps such as Photoshop, Camtasia, and Premiere Pro. The only holdout is Storyline 360, which happens to be by far the most expensive app on my computer. For $1000/year, we should both expect and demand better.

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