Storyline 360

May 07, 2021


I hope the day is treating you well. 

I have a question to ask about Storyline 360. I am working on a project and in one of the slides I would like to make a button that allows users to pull up a YouTube video (embedded in the slide and will not leave the slide). I would like the button to open the video and close the video. How would I go about doing this? 

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Walt Hamilton

If you can download the video (not nearly as easy as it sounds), you can insert it. From what you describe, I would put it on a layer, and have the button show the layer. The video will play when the layer shows. Then you can have a button on the layer to hide it, or hide it when the media ends.

T Kiser

Hi, Walt. 

This did help! I was able to get this to work! Thank you for the advice. This community is amazing. 

To download a video, I downloaded WinX YouTube downloader. Did you download a YouTube video without any software? If so, I'd be interested to hear your process. 

Have a wonderful day! 


Walt Hamilton

People create ways to download YouTube videos. As soon as YouTube finds out about it, they change the site so it won't work. I'm not up to date about where we are in the current cycle, so I didn't suggest a method of downloading. Maybe you could watch a YT video, pull all the little pieces out of your cache, and stitch them together, but I don't think there is any useful method of downloading YT videos without soaftware designed specifically for that purpose. :)