Storyline 360 - Branching within 1 course to complete sub-modules

Aug 16, 2022

Here is the scenario we need help on:

We are creating 1 course with 2 sub-modules (A & B) which everyone in specific groups will be assigned.

  • When the learners complete the first half - Module A, they are then asked 3 questions in the next slide in the course, which determines if they are to continue to the 2nd half - Module B.
    • If there is 1 YES answer out of the 3 questions, they must continue on and complete Module B where Storyline parameters are set to complete all slides for a completion status.
    • If they answer all 3 questions with "NO", then they are done with the course and do not need to complete the rest of it. 

The questions:

  1. How are the parameters in Storyline set to make this work? The design team here wants to keep the sub-modules together in one course (instead of separating this into 2 courses - unless, Storyline can't accommodate this design yet) 
  2. How will Storyline know if the learners completed a question slide of all No's and is done with the course (what are the triggers for this?) 
  3. Or if the learners had to complete the 2nd module (B) in full? (difference in Triggers?)
  4. What kind of LMS questions should I be asking the LMS team to ensure that this will work? 

Going forward, we are looking at scenarios where learners can opt out of training courses in this way or a different way using Storyline. Please advice the best way to do this!! Thank you for your help!

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