Storyline 360: Create new scene from existing slide

I have already submitted a feature request for this, but I'm interested in hearing how many others would utilize the feature I have suggested. One of the most annoying things about creating a new scene is the blank slide inserted as a default -- it does not default to my preferred layout, and I may already have existing slides in another scene that I'd like to place in the new scene. Rather than: 

1. creating a new scene

2. dragging the existing slide to the new scene

3. deleting the "placeholder" blank slide that was created with the new scene

I would like to right-click an existing slide and have the option to "Create new scene from slide". This would allow me to move the slide AND create a new scene simultaneously. Bonus points would be awarded for naming the new scene with the same name as the slide being moved. I've attached a mock-up of how this could appear in the menu.

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Joseph Francis

Having been around a while, this is reminiscent of right-clicking on one or more icons on the flowline in Macromedia Authorware and selecting "Group." That would put the icon(s) into a Map Icon (similar to a folder in Windows) and (if I remember right) automatically naming it with the first-selected icon's title.