Storyline 360 Javascript in 2021

May 02, 2021

So, you used to be able to get all kinds of useful values and execute various functions using the player object. You can find countless examples on this forum, even a spreadsheet with all the functions and values documented. None of these worked, so I found myself unminifying the slides.min.js file and trying to figure out what was going on. 

It seems that all the player functions have recently been removed, apart from GetVar() and SetVar() so none of the clever solutions from a year or more ago will work. 

I was trying to fiddle with the slides.min.js file, to expose more functions but that was a fools errand. All the player variables and functions are still available, just through an object: window.DS.

If you want to do more advanced javascript stuff, this is a good place to start. You can console.log(window.DS); to see everything available. 

I was trying to manually get and save the scene and slide number, as another user was doing, and then use that to add my own 'resume' functionality. 

For my needs that ended up being unnecessary. I don't need to send them to the slide that they left on if I can literally grab all their interactions, the slides they have viewed etc, save that to a db, and then apply that the next time they visit the module:

var resumedata = window.DS.resumer.resumeData;
//Store this somewhere

I haven't gone much further with it, but there is lots of potential there, for example this function:

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