storyline 360 Review Quiz displays incorrect on correct answers

Dec 04, 2017

Very similar to 2-4 year old questions I am getting only the incorrect banner on Review Quiz slides in Storyline 360.  I need to fix this for a client.  Got any advice?  

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Bill!

Sorry this is affecting your course! We found that it's the rapid clicking that affects incorrect scoring.

We haven't released a fix yet, but we are continuing to track and test files. Are you comfortable sharing your file with us?  If so, please use this private upload link. We'll test your file and share our findings!

Tracy Britan

I'm experiencing a related issue. I have a quiz in where all of the questions are set to shuffle the answers, except for a Multiple Choice type question where All of the Above is the last answer. 

If the user selects a wrong answer, the Print Results shows one of the other answers as Correct (usually the answer the learner selected, which is really confusing them). I have yet to see it show as the All of the Above choice. Again, this question slide is the ONLY one set to Shuffle = None.

This is not a problem with my LMS, as it's doing this in both my LMS and Scorm Cloud.

Ward Starrs

After trying to solve the problem by removing shuffle, random questions, and question banks, we solved the problem by going to Ispring quiz maker. We did a lot of testing first and have been using it for a couple of weeks with no problems. It also adds some nice features for analyzing the answer selections for each student.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sara,

Thanks for sharing what you are experiencing as well as that screenshot. 

We are currently investigating an issue specific to quizzes that have a pre-submission Review option when submitting all at once and then clicking the next button rapidly prior to submission. Does that sound like what you are experiencing as well? I know you specifically mentioned how quickly they were moving through the content. 

Margaret Werdermann

I'm was having the same problem - one of the questions in my quiz showed as correct with the right options chosen IF I viewed it as a single-page preview; but, as soon as I previewed it as part of the full course or tried it as part of a published course, it showed as incorrect even though the right options were chosen.  This happened on the first run through the questions, not as part of a review.  I also was not clicking through the answers quickly at all.

I tried changing it from randomized options to not randomize; I tried reselecting the correct answers in the Form view; I even tried deleting that question and reprogramming it.  Nothing worked.  In the end, I just pulled the question out of the quiz; which was a shame, because it was a good question.

Please let me know when this bug is fixed.

Katie Riggio

Hi Margaret,

I'm so sorry you experienced this bug, but it's much appreciated that you shared what helped! We'll report back to this discussion with any changes.

You mentioned you didn't click the Next button quickly, so we're happy to troubleshoot the file and see what's happening on that specific question. If you have the affected .story file handy, please use this private upload link.

We'd be remiss not to explore further!

Margaret Werdermann

I have tried twice to submit a ticket through your page. Both times, I clicked on the Submit button and nothing happened.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Margaret,

Thanks so much for keeping at it, and I'm sorry you had to submit multiple times for your case to come through!

It looks like my teammate, Renato, has reviewed your file and provided you with some suggestions and next steps.

Let us know if you received it, and if you have, please let Renato know if the changes will work for you!

Heather Takacs

I'm experiencing the same error as Joanna outlined above. I've opened a ticket (case number 02547069) but I'm wondering if anybody has found a workaround? 

Is it confirmed that refraining from "rapid or very fast clicking" when reviewing answers prior to submitting will mitigate this error? 

Every side is set to "Automatically Decide" and I don't use the built-in feedback so Tanmay's fix won't work for me. 

Anything else work for anybody? 

Garima Kumari


I have exactly the same issue where the feedback is coming incorrect upon selecting correct answer after publishing it on review link. Another instances is that it is doing well for some but not for some at the same time.

I tried every option discuss in this group but no success. 

Can you let me know when this bug is fixed!



Mischka Zeldenrust

Hi Becca, is it possible to add the suggestions from Lianne to this thread? I'm running into similar issues as described by other users in this thread. My slides are set to "Automatically decide" when revisiting. We are receiving reports from our users (including screenshots) where the same provided answer is marked as correct/incorrect in different tries.

Because of these reports, we completely rebuilt our exams, but we are still getting similar feedback from our users. Rebuilding/testing is taking a lot of our time, and we are not getting better results. 

I don't mind creating a ticket (so let me know if that's the only option to get this information), but I think it would be helpful to have the suggestions from the Articulate Team added to this thread, so other Articulate users can use these suggestions to troubleshoot.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Mischka!

Absolutely, I'm happy to share Lianne's suggestions. 

  • If this issue only occurs in Review 360, we recommend previewing the course with the drag and drop slide in Storyline.
  • If the incorrect feedback layer appears after answering the question correctly,  then we recommend recreating the slide to see if it resolves the issue.
  • If the issue doesn't happen in Preview, then there might be something wrong with the learner's browser. They'll need to follow the steps in this article to clear their browser cache. 
  • Learners will also want to make sure they're using the most up-to-date version of their browser.

If you're still running into this issue, Mischka, I'd recommend working with our Support Engineers in a support case.

Heather Takacs

I had this issue several months ago and it nearly derailed electronic assessments in a program. I opened a ticket and after several weeks they were able to recreate the issue but no resolution came from it. 

Similar to what Ren mentioned above, we believed that "rapid tapping" or "clicking" when reviewing, prior to submitting, was the culprit. 

To solve this issue, we delayed navigation by 1 second to keep the user from rapidly tapping/clicking. This has worked really well for us and we've have over 50,000(!!!) assessment completions with ZERO glitches. 

Here are the basics: 

- Our Learners are mobile-first so we develop for an iPhone 7 Plus screen. We use the built-in quiz feature but to optimize screen space we have never used the built-in player and opted to use our own with custom navigation, custom feedback, etc. 

- We placed the PREV and NEXT buttons on their own slide layer and added a delay of 1 second. This has been enough to slow down the user's navigation when reviewing so the answer can be recorded.  

I've attached a copy of our quiz template to this post. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Patricia,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing. It sounds like you have the Review button enabled on your Result Slide, so now we just need to be sure you can see those correct answers.

To give learners visual feedback on their performance, double-click the Review results trigger in the Triggers panel and mark the box to Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing: