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Lauren Connelly

Hi Bill!

Sorry this is affecting your course! We found that it's the rapid clicking that affects incorrect scoring.

We haven't released a fix yet, but we are continuing to track and test files. Are you comfortable sharing your file with us?  If so, please use this private upload link. We'll test your file and share our findings!

Tracy Britan

I'm experiencing a related issue. I have a quiz in where all of the questions are set to shuffle the answers, except for a Multiple Choice type question where All of the Above is the last answer. 

If the user selects a wrong answer, the Print Results shows one of the other answers as Correct (usually the answer the learner selected, which is really confusing them). I have yet to see it show as the All of the Above choice. Again, this question slide is the ONLY one set to Shuffle = None.

This is not a problem with my LMS, as it's doing this in both my LMS and Scorm Cloud.

Ward Starrs

After trying to solve the problem by removing shuffle, random questions, and question banks, we solved the problem by going to Ispring quiz maker. We did a lot of testing first and have been using it for a couple of weeks with no problems. It also adds some nice features for analyzing the answer selections for each student.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sara,

Thanks for sharing what you are experiencing as well as that screenshot. 

We are currently investigating an issue specific to quizzes that have a pre-submission Review option when submitting all at once and then clicking the next button rapidly prior to submission. Does that sound like what you are experiencing as well? I know you specifically mentioned how quickly they were moving through the content.