Storyline 360 Screen Reader Compatibility

Jan 29, 2018


I wanted to clarify Storyline 360's support of various screen readers and screen reader specific issues that are apparent.

I've built and tested a course in Storyline 360 that works fine using JAWS in Google Chrome 63. Since then I have tested against Read&Write, Zoom Text and ClaroRead Plus. Each of these screen-readers have come up with numerous bugs but seem to be issues we cannot address within Storyline. For example Read&Write is reading out images that have no alt text or marked as visible to screen readers so shouldn't be accessible. Has anyone had any interaction with these screen readers and can explain how they overcame any of the issues that come with it.

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Joe Shultheis

Our issue is this:  We want to be able to customize the tab order so that a person can tab through only the objects that need focus or interaction, (such as buttons), without having to tab through the text fields, however the screen reader seems to require the tabbing to include the text boxes in order to read them.   Anyone have a solution to this?

Joe Shultheis

Thanks Leslie,   We do that, and love the feature, however that is part of the problem.  In some other software(s) the JAWS reader is not reliant on the Focus of the tabbed item. That tabbing functionality can be separate from the words read by the JAWS reader.  That way we could have the tabbing only go to the objects requiring interaction ( if desired ), i.e.; NEXT, BACK, MENU, or interactive triggers for interactions, and links. Sighted but handicapped learners use this feature. Then let the JAWS reader read the text boxes without having to have them be in the tabbing order.  Anyways, I am done running down this rabbit hole.   Happy Holidays!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jana!

We have not updated our list of supported screen readers to include ZoomText, but we shared the feature request with our team.

However, we added the modern player zoom to fill the gap in our accessibility zoom requirements.

Storyline 360: Modern Player Zoom Makes Courses More Accessible

I'll keep you updated in this discussion in that makes it on our feature roadmap.

Alexandra Peterson


I have learners who are restricted to using Read&Write screen reader and they can't get it to read anything on their Storyline course beyond the title of the page. I was wondering if anyone had come up with a workaround for Read&Write specifically, or might know what is blocking the tool from working.