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Russ Sawchuk


I have SL 3 and have been using it for many projects over the last six months. I really like it and am very comfortable using it. I have used it since it first come out.

I also have a perpetual license for Adobe Captivate. What I really appreciated about Captivate is that they update BOTH the subscription and perpetual versions at the same time. Unfortunately Articulate continues to develop and add features to 360, but does not bother updating StoryLine 3.

I will NEVER subscribe to 360 because of cost, unneeded and obsolete applications, and that it is SLOW. All of the other eLearning tools I use are 64 bit applications. So I only use SL3 for small, limited applications.

Fortunately, we have many other options for developing high-quality eLearning. However, StoryLine is like an old friend, and I will be sad to see it go.

Ren Gomez

Hi Tarik, 

Thanks for reaching out! We haven’t made any decisions about developing a new perpetual version of Storyline (aka Storyline 4), although Storyline 3 continues to be updated for bug fixes and is Flash-free. We also recently added some enhancements for accessibility, which you can read about here.

If you have any other questions, we're happy to answer them or feel free to connect with our team one-on-one! 

Brant Forseng

Hi Ren:

It has been another three months since your reply to Tarik.  Surely by now, years after the question was first posed, you can give us some idea of whether or not Storyline 4 is going to be developed and released?

It is, frankly, head-scratching, that in all this time Articulate has not made a decision on this.

I think most people on the forum understand that Articulate is putting most of its energy into the 360 suite (And why not? There is revenue every year, not just when a new version comes out as in a perpetual license).

Moreover, I can understand an objective business decision to delay as long as possible, hoping to coax as many as possible away from a perpetual license and to the subscription model.

That said, it has been *years*.

Can you please tell us something other than no decision has been made and that you continue to support storyline 3 with bug fixes?   And yes, we know that Storyline 3 is Flash-free.



Ren Gomez

Hi Brant,

I appreciate you following up on this. To add clarity, we have no plans on our roadmap for Storyline 4. If that changes, we'll let folks know.

For now, we'll continue to stick with our goals of updating Storyline 3 approximately twice a year with bug fixes, security improvements, and enhancements to critical features like accessibility.

Tim A

My e-learning developer journey started with Captivate. But due to some geographical restrictions I could not upgrade without a local dealer, Also, one thing they have not resolved is the absence of partial scoring for fill-in-the-blanks. So, I used iSpring Quizmaker on combination with Storyline 3. But, then iSpring went cloud-based and the subscription cost is prohibiting. So, I have been working with Storyline 1,2, and now 3. Switching to 360 would not be possible due to the subscription cost -  it is really geared towards companies and larger-scale enterprises. I am just one freelancer and do not have the volumes of commission needed to afford such subscriptions. Storyline 3 and hopefully 4 would be the best solution in terms of features and costs and the level of output. However, I do agree that if Storyline 4 does not come out, there is really one option only - go back to Captivate, possibly "2021"  However, it takes them ages to roll out new versions as well. There are of course things like Active Presenter, but the adoption process would be difficult.


Dan Myers

Since Storyline 3 seems to have been effectively scrubbed from the website, I get the sinking feeling that there will be no Storyline 4.

Speaking for my company as well as the contractors we work with, we love Storyline 3, we would buy Storyline 4 in a heartbeat, but have zero interest in 360. The cost of the subscription model is just a non starter for the people who control the budgets.

I really, really, really hope you haven't written off the Storyline 3 holdouts who would jump at the next perpetual version.