Storyline Audio on First Slide Won't Play Automatically Once Published

Hi! Thanks for reading my question :)

When I upload the published file to the final online platform, the audio on the first slide of the course won't play automatically. However, when the user clicks the volume bar or clicks the Pause button, the audio magically 'turns on' and starts playing. There are no special triggers (just the usual NEXT and PREV buttons) on this slide and the audio file is aligned to the beginning of the timeline. The audio file is there and will play, but only if the user engages with the slide. The issue is that it does not begin playing automatically. This is the only instance of this issue in the entire course. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this error? Thank you!!!

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Madeline Becker

Update! After reading other posts/comments, I realized that this was likely a browser issue. After updating Google chrome to version 72, I was able to publish in Chrome with no issue. HOWEVER, I still can't figure out how to update in Internet Explorer or Firefox. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Madeline,

The auto-play policy that we've seen recently were specific to Chrome as you can read about here.

What is the behavior that you are experiencing in the other browsers? If you are simply looking for a way to update those browsers, I'd do a quick Google search for how to do so within your environment. Many of them auto-update now due to security requirements.