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as many times happens, little need, big troubles. I simply want to change the font and background of the notes when they're displayed in the player layout; the need comes from a tool's trivial limitation: for the modern player, when the color scheme is set to dark, the notes background gets black but the font still stays black (it should be turned white, shouldn't it?) so you simply cannot read them.

Easy, I said, I just need to globally change the notes font color, should be easy, but it's not.

First I came across this discussion:

It made it very easy, but I got mad before discovering that the advanced color settings menu mentioned in the post is only found in the classic player, not in the modern style; too bad, how am I supposed to be changing the notes defaults in that style? Ok, so I switched to classic layout, did the recommended steps but they don't work; so I had to switch also the player's color scheme to light, and finally the black font over the white background saved my life.

Two points: 1) please turn the font color automatically to  light/white when selected color scheme is dark; 2) how can I get the font color I want by default with any player type/color scheme?


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Stephen Tickal

Hi all!  I think I found a fix within SL360 that worked globally for me! ☺ I found this thread b/c I was having a similar issue (black background, modern player).  What's more, even the manual fix wasn't working.  I could not change the font white, even with the technique described in this thread.  I could before, but this stopped working on some slides.

After experimenting, I had a eureka moment.  It's weird, but worked for me.  Would one of you who works for SL please test this out on one of your files?  I would appreciate the peace of mind in knowing this works for more than just me.  If not, feel free to delete my post.  No offense taken.

Here's the fix that worked for me today:

1. Click on Player.

2.  Temporarily change your player style to Classic.

2.  Go to Colors and Effects.

3.  Click on the Player font dropdown, as if you were changing it, but you can click on the same font you are using.  (If not, you could always temporarily change your font, save, and then change it back.)

4.  Click OK.

5.  This should have universally changed your font to white.  (I am hoping; it worked for me.)

6.  Now return to Player and change the player style back to Modern (if desired).

Anyone who tried this, please report back.  I hate disseminating false or partial information.  I am pretty busy with several projects and don't have the time to beta test this fix on several files.  I am curious to see if it works for others, on other SL versions, or if the background is white.

Happy Designing!

Karin Carlson

This is an old thread, and I too am wondering if there is now a way to globally format notes pane text. I'm using the light modern theme, so color isn't really my issue, it's the teeny tiny font that's set as the default (9pt? Really?). I'm making accessible courseware and we really need to have a consistent font size. I, like others on this thread, am not wild about selecting and formatting hundreds of slides worth of notes. (Been there, done that, do NOT want to do it again.) Any new developments in newer versions of Storyline?