Storyline markers - change placement of text box

Oct 09, 2013


I have added add a number of markers to a slide and populated the related texted boxes. All the text boxes are postioned in the lower left hand corner of the maker by default. This is giving me layout issues as text boxes are either off screen to the left or covering vital background information.

I can resize the text boxes using the handles but I can't find a method to reposition them i.e. lower right, top right etc.



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Antony Snow

Hi Trevor,

If you hover your mouse over the outside edge of the description placeholder (but not on one of the handles), the cursor should change to a crosshair or 4-way arrow. You can then hold down the left button on your mouse and drag the description placeholder to the desired position.


Ande Kenney

Hey thanks for replying!

Yes, I am able to adjust the curser for use in other programs, but it does
not change in Articulate, at least not in this scrollable textbox. As you
can see from the attached image, the blinking curser is difficult to detect.

Any thoughts?



Joe Tansengco

Hi Gene,

Thanks for reaching out! 

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you're trying to change in your project so we can share some suggestions with you? Feel free to share your project file as we'll if you're comfortable so we can open your course to see exactly what you'd like to modify.