Storyline: Need to create a Drag-and-Drop Question (two groups with pick one from each)

Aug 24, 2022

I am trying to create an activity question where there are two categories (proteins and carbohydrates) with 5 food choices each and the learner must select (drag) one food choice from each category (proteins or carbohydrates) to the plate where I have set up two separate drop locations (one for a protein and one for a carbohydrate). A correct answer is any combination of one from protein and one from carbohydrate.

I have tried using a freeform question, but it still requires all 5 options for each to be chosen to make a correct answer. Also, selecting "Allow only one item in each drop target" did not work. 

What would be the best way to design this question without being too intricate or confusing?

I have attached a rough version of the question in a Storyline file (I have not fixed the text in states for each item). 

I appreciate any assistance or guidance to help resolve this inquiry. 

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David Schwartz

Hi Eddie,

It could be done with variables. I'm happy to see if I can get it working. Question, though: are you ultimately not going to separate the items into their categories first? Is the knowledge check intended to show that the learner knows the difference between a card and a protein?

Currently, it seems like there are no distractors, so it's just really asking the learner to move an item from section 1 to protein, and an item from section 2 to carbs.

Eddie R Perez

Thank you so much, David. The proteins and carbohydrates will be separated out and grouped in their respective boxes on each side of the screen. This is an activity towards the end of the course that is intended to reinforce what they just watched in the video by the learner choosing one protein and one carb to create a healthy, nutrient dense snack.

Correct, there are intentionally no distractors and it is just asking the learner to move an item from section 1 protein to the plate (protein drop), and an item from section 2 carbs to the plate (carb drop). They can pick any one protein and any one carb to be considered correct. 

David Schwartz

Hi Eddie,

That was trickier than I expected. I removed the player's submit button and added a custom one on the screen to avoid Storyline checking the response. Basically, as long as one of each category is dropped correctly, it is correct. So I set it that feedback for each choice is made immediately, which enabled the use of the Drop Correct state for each item. The new submit button is not enabled until at least one from each category is correct. 

One issue: I set a frame color for each item to green for the drop correct state, but for the almond items, for some reason they do not show green. Can't understand why. But see what you think overall.