Storyline player cropping my images.


I'm pretty new to Storyline (1 week in and it's brilliant!), but I've noticed something unusual I'd like some help with. 

I have my story size set up at 800 pixels x 600 pixels (4:3) ratio. I then created some static background graphics to use on my slides at the same size. These imported no problem and align exactly on the slide when I'm building my story.

However, when I preview the module, the player seems to be chopping off a section of my slide. After I did a screegrab and the measured the visible slide window within the player, I've found that it actually measures 800 pixels x 575pixels. The player appears to be taking off the bottom 25 pixels of my slides.

Is there any way that I can fix this? I've tried going back to the prebuilt Storyline story size of 720 pixels x 540 pixels to see if that helped but I didn't.

Thanks in advance!


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Brian Allen

Hello Alastair, welcome to the community!

Can you check and see if your screen resolution is set to 96 dpi?  Sometimes having this set differently  can cause the sort of problems you're describing above.

Check out this kb article -

Alastair Woodgate

Hi Brian! 

Thank you and thanks for your response! I've just checked and it is set to 96dpi so I don't think it's that causing the problem. I've also tried it on a few other machines and it's doing the same thing.

I've attached an image that hopefully shows the problem a little better. It shows the player with the slide set to 800 x 600, but then I've overlaid and offset the 'original' 800x600 slide over the top and then reduced the opacity. As you can see there's a small section that's cropped from both the top and bottom of the slide that isn't shown in the player.

I know it's a fairly minor thing but this will make detailed layout a bit tricky for me in the future.

Any other ideas?

Thanks again,


Alastair Woodgate


That's the craziest workaround I've ever seen but it worked - incredible!! The slides are now showing exactly as intended. 

Huge thanks for posting that video for me.

I'd heard that a big part of Articulate was the community but this is just brilliant - thanks again to you and Brian!