Storyline publishing issues concerning text misalignment

Jul 11, 2022

I have been having major issues with Storyline for the last two months. I'm creating my course (about 100 slides) and when I preview the slides, all looks good. However, when I publish to 360, I get a lot of textboxes with scrollbars. On the slide the textboxes fit just fine and they preview fine. However, when I publish to 360, it bloats the setting so that not all the text is showing and there are now scroll bars on the text. This is happening with tables as well, but instead of adding scroll bars, it just cuts text out. 

The really crazy part of this, is that sometimes it publishes it correctly and sometimes it doesn't. I can't figure out what makes it publish correctly vs with text all out of wack. I updated Storyline, I restarted my computer, I closed other applications. This doesn't seem to affect the outcome. 

This also is an issue when publishing to a web file or SCORM file.

Can you please tell me why this is happening?

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Joe Tansengco

Hello Errol! 

The scroll bars appearing on your slides is because of a relatively new feature called Accessible Text. You can read more about this feature here, as well as how to address the appearance of the scrollbars:

Try disabling Accessible Text for your project to see if this fixes the display issue that you are encountering. If the issue persists, would you be willing to upload a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a support case so we can test the behavior?

Errol Mackey

Hello Joe,

If I'm understanding your article correctly, the accessible text is a feature that allows users to re-size text. However, when it is published, shouldn't it look just like it does in the preview? If not, then what is the point of the preview? Because you'll never know how your course will look to the learner, unless you are constantly re-publishing? And what about the chart that I sent  a screen shot of that shows different font sizes on the chat?

Jürgen Schoenemeyer


> The really crazy part of this, is that sometimes it publishes it correctly and sometimes it doesn't.

please check different versions of publishing

(1) open storyfile and publish to web (without click any other button)

(2) open storyfile - click any slide, then publish to web

are there any differences?

if publish (1) has errors and publish (2) is ok, you have the same problems like me

the red cells are different for (1) and (2) because they used "text styles"

I have an open ticket with "text styles with text in tables"




John Morgan

Hi, Errol!

Having an issue with your course is really frustrating, but having three at the same time?! Wow! In theory, the preview and published file should match. That is exactly what the preview feature is for. Looking at Table_Issue.png leads me to believe that the issue might be related to fonts. Would you feel comfortable sharing your .story file so I could troubleshoot the issue?

Thanks for reaching out!