Storyline Quiz Review - Is the Incorrect/Correct message editable?

Just watched Jeannette's great screenr on creating customized Quiz Review slides. In addition to this customization, is there a way to move/edit the "Incorrect" and "Correct" text rectangle that appears at the bottom of each review slide? I don't think it was customizable in Studio Quizmaker, but maybe it is in Storyline? Thanks!

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Helene Caura

Hi Ashley

The text I want to change is the correct and incorrect text at the bottom, in the review layer (as pictured in this thread already). I *think* I edited it in English, since the text I have is "Your answer is incorrect or incomplete" instead of the by-default "Incorrect", but I can't remember how I did this.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

I can't think of one...I know as shared earlier in this thread, there are ways to have a review layer that covers up those elements and therefore you could edit the text as you see fit.

You may want to try sharing a copy of the English version you edited here so that other users could take a look and see if they're able to determine ideas on how you edited it. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Helene - it sure looks like the real thing. :-)

I don't know anywhere that you could change that, unless you're modifying the published output or creating a strikingly similar set up on your own review layer and choosing to show the correct vs. incorrect based on the states of the question buttons or variables. 

Erjen Adriaensen


Seeing that this thread was created over 2 years ago and nothing has been changed to improve the functionality and customization of the quiz review (although people are obviously asking for it and feature requests have been submitted) isn't it at least possible to add some extra checkboxes in the result slide properties options?

I want to give the users the ability to review the quiz and I can disable the correct and incorrect responses, but I can't disable, replace, move, customize or recolor the standard correct and incorrect feedbackboxes on the bottom. (Big disappointment and frustration!)

The option has been given by Steve Flowers to cover it up with a shape colored as your background....
A great find and acceptable in some cases, but what with gradients, different backgrounds or photographs in slides, items or buttons that are on the location where the overlay will be?
Then this "solution" is not an option.

Ideally these quiz review feedbacks should be in the feedback master so you can customize them at will. That would be perfect! Alternatively you should at least be able to change it's color. 

If for any reason whatsoever it isn't possible to make the quiz feedback editable, isn't it possible to add some extra checkboxes so you can at least disable these standard quiz review feedbacks and to disable the standard next/previous buttons on the quiz review so you're able to design and program your own?

Please look into this! It has been asked by a lot of users already and it would improve Storyline a great deal!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erjen,

Thanks for sharing that here, and all great points made. If you haven't already, please submit this as a feature request as well (with the detail you provided here) as that is what our product development team reviews and tracks in terms of features users want and the potential to include them in future updates/versions. 

Lisa Phillips

That’s not an option for us. We need to have the multiple choice answers shuffle. Maybe I will have to revert to trying the triggers again. Here's a sample of two questions from the file. Any suggestions on how to make a custom checkmark appear beside the correct answer on the review would be awesome!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

If you're shuffling the answers, what about included it as a state change for the correct choice? You'll see I set this up in your file for the "seven" button - and didn't cover the normal check mark just so you could see. You could get fancier and show the checkmark only if they answered correctly or similar.