Storyline Quiz Review - Is the Incorrect/Correct message editable?

Just watched Jeannette's great screenr on creating customized Quiz Review slides. In addition to this customization, is there a way to move/edit the "Incorrect" and "Correct" text rectangle that appears at the bottom of each review slide? I don't think it was customizable in Studio Quizmaker, but maybe it is in Storyline? Thanks!

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Articulate1 User

Thanks for this Wendy. Unfortunately, I'm not trying to remove the "correct" or "incorrect" bar - I want to remove the black text that appears across all other text - see the attached screenshot, where text is over the submit button. Any ideas? Ghost text

Rei Mallek

I found a work-around.  Just don't use the review function.  Make all slides "Resume on saved state" and just make a button that goes back to the beginning.

They should see all the feedback you left them, if you gave them feedback right away.


Or set triggers to show show feedback layers when revisiting or something.