Storyline reloads the SWF file when returning to project

I have hyperlinks that are set to display in the current browser window. When clicked, they open the URL just fine. When the user wants to return to the Storyline project, he clicks the browser's back button. This causes the Storyline project to reload and open to the first slide regardless of which slide had the hyperlink.
How do I keep the Storyline project from reloading? How do I get the user back to the same slide he was one when he clicked the hyperlink?

Mary Ellen

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary Ellen,

This sounds like it's working as expected, as the browser's back button is taking the user back to the last page launched. What about instead, adding a next button to the player, since the hyperlinks are within the actual slide and not opening in a new window? You could also disable the browser controls for the hyperlink.