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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carol!

With all the changes to Storyline 360 over the past couple of years, we realized it was time to refresh our video tutorials. So we retired the outdated getting started tutorials and launched the new Articulate 360 Training website, which has hundreds of on-demand videos and live webinars. Articulate 360 Training is included with your subscription. I’d love to hear what you think about the new training website

Phil Robinson

These resources are great but, do you still have something out there that teaches the beginner, as there once was, with practice files to download? These resources you mention are a great addition to the knowledge base for the rest of us. I get it there has been a lot of enhancements over the years but we still need to teach the basics. I think the tutorials that you retired where a great start.

Katy Baker

I watched the video tutorial and all it showed was how to add video from content library. I have also downloaded the instructions for loading videos from websites with no parameters and from web objects with parameters. 

I have tried all the different ways to add a youtube video but the slide keeps coming up with a frown face saying it could bot connect to youtube. Any ideas as I am very frustrated