Submit button only working when correct answer selected

Mar 18, 2016

Hi, I'm probably missing something really obvious here but this is driving me nuts and I could really do with some help.

I've created a custom submit button for a Pick One quiz question. 

I have set up the trigger ' submit interaction 'pick one 1' when user clicks the button.  Which works fine, if it's the correct answer that's picked.  It won't let me submit a wrong answer. 

I've checked the form and previous modules where I've not had any issues with Pick 1 quiz questions, and I can't see any differences at all.

I've also published the module (in case it was a bug) but it's not working there either.    I'm totally puzzed as to why this isn't working.  I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lindi,

What do you see when trying to submit an "incorrect" answer? Did you include that as a possible answer in your pick one if you created your own custom buttons? As Michael shared it's typically best if we can take a look at the .story file and you're welcome to upload here using the "add attachment" button so that we can take a look. 

Walt Hamilton

You must select an answer, even if it is incorrect to advance. If you are getting a "You must select an answer..." message, you need to go to form view and select something to select that is not the correct answer. The user must select either the correct or the incorrect answer to advance.

If you are getting some other reaction, please attach your .story file.

Lindi Stevenson

Hi all, thanks for taking the time to respond to me.

When I select an incorrect answer, the submit button doesn't work - yet it works fine when I select the correct answer. 

I have added an incorrect response to the form view but there may be a setting I'm missing somewhere.  I've used 'pick 1' loads before and never had this issue.

I've attached the question slides for you.



Peter van der Slikke


At least for the multiple-choice and multiple answers questions you could disable the submitbutton until something is selected:

To do so, add 2 triggers...

The first one to change the state of the submit button to disabled at the start of the timeline.

The second to change the state of the submit button to normal when the state of any of your radiobuttons or checkboxes are selected.

Still not 100% covered because with ordering or drag n drop I'm not sure...

Ashley Vicario

I am having this issue as well, but it looks like I already have mine built per the comments here.... I have no clue how to resolve this. I can select multiple incorrect answers and try again, but then selecting the correct answer and hitting submit does not work. 

Stephanie Rodger

Hi guys, I was wondering if you can help me with a similar issue (I've attached my storyline file). I have a graded multiple choice slide. You get 0, 5 or 10 points. It works when I select the right 10 points and wrong answer 0 points. But when i select the 5 point answer it doesn't show the "Juist 5" layer. it shows another slide with the wrong info but with 5 points. Does that make sense? I hope you can understand the dutch text :-) I'd really love some help with this. Cheers!

Luciana Piazza

Hi Stephanie and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes Community! ✨ 

I took a look at your project file and it looks like you have the feedback sorted By Question. You will need to change this in the Question Tools ribbon to the dropdown selection By Choice. 

Here is a quick screen recording of how to find this feature: 

Hope this helps!