Submit Interaction enable for drag and drop

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone help with the below-mentioned discussion?

I am not able to enable the submit button after dragging all items on correct drop points. if I dragged two items in one drop point, the variable value is changed automatically. 

please see the video below.

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Praveen!  I think you might have some conflicting triggers.  I recorded a Peek for you.  I was also playing around a bit with your file and had some ideas on how you might do the same activity but save yourself some time with the triggers and I included that in the Peek as well.  If you're interested, I attached the file with the slide I was working on.

Walt Hamilton

You have triggers to turn off the arrows, but none to turn off the patches. These two triggers , attached to Drop 1 will do that. You will need the same two triggers for Drop 2 and Drop 3.


For these to work, The Drops need a Drop Correct and Crop Incorrect state, and drop Item states must not be delayed. If the Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect states are copies of Normal, the changes won't be noticed.

Praveen Karu

Thank you for your reply!

But I need a custom submit button, the button is must be a disabled state. when 3 drag points dropped on 3 drop points the submit button is enabled. when one object again drags over from the drop point the submit button is again disabled state.

Thank you