survey reports

Sep 10, 2021


I've put a survey slide and survey results slide at the end of my module, to gather scored and written feedback on it, upon completion.

Was that the right way to gather feedback from a module?  How do I generate a report to look over the cumulative feedback?


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Joe,

That's the right way to set up the course. How you generate a report is based on the LMS you're using. You'll need to contact your LMS admins to figure that out. (If you're not using an LMS, then Storyline has no where to store the data, so you wouldn't be able to retrieve it. Well, not without the expertise of a real programmer, that is.)

Joe Moorman

oh, okay.  Hope it didn't sound like a silly question!  Just so it is set up right in the lesson.  (it's my first articulate module).

HR handles the LMS software so I'll make them aware - they did show me a list of their report options and I didn't see it in their list, but they'll have to be the ones to ask how to retrieve it then. 

Thanks very much for the reply