Tab Key on keyboard reveals hotspots that should be hidden

Jul 16, 2014

I have created a software simulation module. There are text entry fields and hotspots with triggers. Things have to be done in a certain sequence and the learner navigates parts of the course doing things in correct sequence. Although the tab key on the keyboard was not specifically programmed into the course, I notice that the tab key when pressed will display a yellow border around the various objects on the screen and will do this in the sequence of interaction expected of the learner. The TAB key - yellow border effect reveals hotspots/triggers that should be hidden.

How do I prevent this tab effect from happening?

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FPS Training

Thank you very much! I believe I have also seen this solution on your YouTube channel (Updates).

I hope there's a way to have a switch to turn this off for all hotspots as hotspots are used most of the time for activities where learners have to demonstrate their knowledge on navigating systems or tools. Anyway, we'll work on this current solution.

Thanks again!

Ren Gomez

Hi Ghislaine,

Thanks for reaching out about this! I did some more testing on a hotspot. To add clarity, if the hotspot has any interactivity attached to it, like a trigger, for example, it will remain visible in the Focus Order.

Can you try using a transparent shape with the trigger or add the trigger to the object itself that the hotspot is over to see if that helps?

FPS Training

Hi Ren! I'm back and I've just experienced what Ghislaine have experienced (hotspot still accessible via tab though removed from focus order and accessibility). I applied the workaround (using a transparent shape) as you've suggested and it works. Though it works, we hope Articulate still works on the accessibility/focus order issue of the hotspot. Working on an invisible shape when editing is tedious -- not good for user experience. Thanks!

Barbara Kopf

I have removed the hotspot from the focus order and unchecked the accessibility. Unfortunately, the hotspot is still showing up via tab. Is there a solution to this topic?

I am not sure how the workaround works? I created a transparent shape over the slide but the hotspot still appears via tab. 

Thank you!

John Morgan

Hi Barbara,

You are experiencing a bug in the software that has already been reported. I'm going to add your voice to the report. If there's any news regarding this bug, this conversation will be updated.

Regarding the workaround, the transparent shape has to be linked to the trigger that was linked to the hotspot or add the trigger to the object itself that the hotspot is over.

I hope that helps!