Tabs Engage Interaction Navigation in Storyline

I placed an Engage Tabs interaction in a Storyline slide. The interaction works fine, but I want my learner to be able to go to the Next or Previous slide at anytime. Clicking on Next or Previous in the player however, continues to interact with the tabs in the Engage interaction and doesn't initiate a move to the next or previous slides. Triggers haven't solved this for me. Is there a solution, or can this not be done? Asking for a friend...


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Jon!

We are happy to help! It sounds like you want the learner to move to the next slide when selecting the next button, even if the tabs in the Engage interaction aren't visited. When using an Engage interaction in Storyline, selecting the next button will move through the Engage interaction rather than move to the next slide. You might consider using Storyline 360 to make this more customizable.

Here are a few downloads for Storyline 360, including Tabs similar to what you've built in Engage.

Please don't hesitate to reach out in this discussion if you have additional questions! 

Jon Brown

Thanks for your response Lauren. After some more experimentation I realized that rather than try to bend Engage to my will inside a Storyline slide I would concede to the Web Object gods and give up. I agree that customizing an interaction with Storyline is the path I should follow. 

I've been away from this community (and Articulate) for several years. It's good to be back. Now if I can just find my old profile password...

Thanks for the download link.