Text Entry - Freeform Pick One - trouble with complex triggers

Sep 22, 2021

I am working on a module where I have multiple text entry boxes on a slide. Once the TE boxes are in place, I convert the slide to a Freeform Pick One and set the triggers so that when learners enter the correct text in all boxes (math problems), they get the appropriate positive or negative feedback. I can successfully set the trigger for one correct (or incorrect) answer per trigger. However, there is technically more than one right answer  per text entry box - see attachment. I cannot figure out how to structure the trigger for multiple correct answers. Would love any insight this community can offer! 

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Jonathan Hill

This is quite complex and trickier to set up than you'd think, but it is possible. 

For an ELH Challenge demo I created this text input interaction that has more than one possible answer - in this case British English or American English spelling.


I've highlighted some of the pitfalls I encountered and workarounds I came up with in the above blog.  It's not quite the same as what you're seeking to do here, but follows some of the same logic.

Would be happy to discuss this in more detail with you directly.

Jonathan Hill

This demo is perhaps closer to your concept and also uses a series of text entry boxes to answer a math question


You can also download the master file here:


TL;DR progress through the text entry sequence is dependant on a correct entry in the previous text entry field, and the quiz slide only tracks the final text entry in the sequence.

Mike Jones

Hi, Amy. I think the issue is with the complex And/Or logic on your conditions.

I suggest trying to add additional triggers/variables to standardize the format of what is submitted to avoid the "OR" branching in the logic. The basic idea is you'll have to have just one "correct" formatting for the answers.

Set TextEntry to variable CorrectAnswer; When TextEntry changes; if TextEntry = value *other correct format*

See the attached image for what I changed and let me know if you have any questions.

Jonathan Hill

I've also found using a lot of and/or conditions in one trigger can become hard to implement and debug.  As with all things Storyline, the order of your triggers/conditions can drastically change how that function behaves. Sometimes splitting a complex trigger into two or three less complex triggers can solve your problem.  

Would need to see your full design to comment more specifically, but that may be worth exploring.


Oh! Interesting to use javascript as a solution and I agree with all the above :-) 

Depending on the problem, I've found using variables with multiple triggers works as well. 

I would create two T/F variables and 3 separate triggers - one for each of the response boxes to change a T/F variable to true when the correct response is entered (EntryDiaOD_1 looses focus) and then a third trigger to change the state to "correct" when the user clicks submit given the condition if both T/F variables are "true."

This will also allow you to tailor the feedback to the learner's response if they are partially correct- IE if they enter OD_1 correctly but OD_2 is incorrect, you could add an option to show a state of "almost" or show a tool tip about what to change.

It looks like the trigger wizard is showing the level or order of the "and" statement for the "Won't work" image as paired with ".0081" instead of ("0.0081 or ".0081") and ("0.0051" or ".0051"). I'd be interested to see if this is the cause of the issue and if this can be remedied using Javascript.