Text Entry Interaction - How to "reset" after incorrect entry

Good morning!

I am working with a text entry interaction for the first time, and I'm stumped on how to get the slide to "reset" after an incorrect response is submitted.

I have it set up to give the "incorrect response" pop-up, but then when it goes back to the slide, the user can't click on the text box again to try another attempt.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I realize it's probably something simple, but I am teaching myself on the fly and just don't see it.

Any pointers are appreciated!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Katie and welcome to Heroes! 

Is it a standard fill in the blank/text entry question type - if so, you could enable the attempts from within the question, and the user will see a Try Again layer, and be brought back to the question to retry it. Their previous answer would still be visible, but they'd be able to enter a new answer. You could also set a trigger on your incorrect layer to "jump to slide - the text entry slide" and set the slide properties for that slide to "reset to initial state" so that it would be treated as a brand new visit and the box should be empty and they'd be able to progress again. 

If you're using your own custom text entry, you'll need to add a trigger to reset the variable. 

chris King

For others coming across this problem, you need to make sure that the question allows for multiple attempts. Under the Question Tools (Design) menu change the attempts to "unlimited" and you will notice a new layer called try again is created. Now users can keep resubmitting until they get the right answer.