Text to speech

Jan 25, 2023

So, I have been using text to speech to add a voice over on my courses that are translated to foreign languages.


However, it is quite time consuming.  I have to copy the text i need and then paste it to text to speech.  Whatever formatting I have when I copy is ignored by Storyline and it randomly throws all words into an unformatted mess.


Two questions.  1, Am I doing this correctly?  2, If the answer to question 1 is "no", is there a better way to do it?

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Kelly Auner

Hi Steve, and thanks for reaching out!

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue when using the text-to-speech function. Unless the content is already in your notes section, you are correct that you'll have to copy and paste it.

Please see the steps to convert text to speech:

  1. Go to the Insert tab on the Storyline ribbon, click the Audio drop-down arrow, and choose Text-to-Speech.
  2. Select a Language from the first drop-down list.
  3. Choose a Voice from the second drop-down list. You can hear what a voice sounds like by selecting Preview Voice.
  4. Type or paste your script into the text-entry field. Or, if you want to use your slide notes as your script, select Copy from Slide Notes.

Is the formatting issue happening when translating text to a specific language or multiple languages? If you're comfortable sharing your file, I'd be happy to investigate further. You can upload it here or privately in a support case. We'll delete it from our systems once troubleshooting is complete.

Joe Tansengco

Hi Steve, 

Thanks for the additional information.

What you're experiencing appears to be expected behavior. The text-to-speech feature doesn't take into account the formatting of the text, such as bullet points, because its main purpose is to convert the entered text into an audio file. While periods and commas can represent pauses, bullets points are harder to translate into audio. 

We recommend entering bullet points one line item at a time so it will be easier to distinguish where one bullet point ends and the other begins.