I'm using the text-to-speech feature for a review version of a course. On all screens but one, I see the audio pattern in the timeline (Screen01 attached), but on one screen I just see a filename on the bar in the timeline. (Screen02). 

With Screen01, I can click in the seekbar and the audio jumps to that point in the audio. For Screen02, no matter where I click, the audio keeps playing from the beginning.

I've tried deleting the audio and inserting it again, but the same thing happens on just that one screen. Any idea what' happening? 

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Becca Levan

Hello Carrie!

Thanks for sharing those screenshots, and I'm happy to help here!

When a Text-to-Speech file is within the timeline only, you'll see a wave pattern, but if you add a trigger to the audio file, it'll show its name. Here's an example. Do you have that Text-to-Speech file associated with a trigger by chance? 

Let me know if you think this is not the case, and we can keep at this!

Carrie Eaton

Thanks for the helpful video clip, Becca.

Yes, on that one screen I had a trigger play text-to-speech when a variable is true. I was just experimenting a bit so I don't need it and removed the trigger. 

And actually I don't care if the wave pattern shows or the filename, but my bigger concern is the fact that clicking in the seek bar apparently doesn't work when there's a trigger on the audio. The audio continues and I can't skip ahead. Does that mean I can't have a seek bar if I need a trigger on the audio?