Thanksgiving Turkey Themed Game/Test

Terry the Turkey

Worked rather hard on this one! Challenge was to create a test/knowledge check for our learners that was fun. Thought others may benefit from this as well - feel free to use!

Includes 25 questions:

1 - Drag and Drop/matching

1 - Hotspot

3 - Multiple Answer

3 - True/False

2 - Yes/No

15 - Multiple Choice

How it works: 

Terry the Turkey starts out with no feathers. From the map of Thanksgiving Woods, the learner will click on a feather to receive a question. If the question is answered correctly, they will earn a feather. Goal is to get as many feathers as possible.

I setup a passing score of 22/25. This can be modified easily. If the learner passes, they get a happy turkey. If they fail, their turkey explodes! 

Feedback thus far is that this was fun - even when they didn't pass. 

Hope others can benefit from this template this Thanksgiving!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Brandon for sharing this time - particularly timely as well. :) 

An exploding turkey though - I kinda want to fail, just to see it! Also if you have a link to the published output that's always helpful if you can link that here as well so that folks can take a look at just playing with it vs. downloading the .story file. 

Brandon Tanguay

Thanks Ashley! I have a tempshare link that I used for testing, but I don't have a permanent link. For those who would like to see a preview: 

**And yes, I do recommend trying it to fail at least once... It is humorous! 

Leslie Scarpace

I love this! I've been having a lot of fun setting up a quiz for information security. I'm not an expert for sure - and I'm having trouble with question 23. It seems to be locked in drop down only for entering choices.  So you can only choose one of the drop down options (which don't apply).

I've been looking for an answer but no luck. If anyone know what I'm doing wrong, feel free to share!

Brandon Tanguay

Leslie - I hope this works well for you! 

I took a look at question 23. It was originally setup as a multiple answer question. So my guess is that if you are seeing drop downs, you are on the form view instead of the slide view. 

If you want to change the type of question to something else, you can always create a new question, copy the triggers to set Q23 to True when the timeline starts and on the correct layer to add 1.0 to feathers.  

If you are stuck, feel free to reach out to me directly :-)

Elizabeth Miles

Hi Brandon,

I really love this! I downloaded your file a while back and just recently had an opportunity to use it as the foundation for this dosage calculation game.  You deserve a big shout out for sharing your work!  While the content of my game isn't as engaging as yours, modifying your file for this project was a wonderful (and fun!) learning experience.  Thank you!!!!

Brandon Tanguay

Elizabeth - I am SOOOO happy that you were able to take the template and remake it to work for you! I checked out your dosage game and loved it! It's amazing to see how the basics were applied to your game! For someone like me without any medical background, I found the game engaging! Thank you for sharing back that you used it!

Brandon Tanguay

Thanks Darren! I honestly cannot recall what the music is. I believe it was in Camtasia and I borrowed it (since I had licensing for Camtasia, it was fully licensed when created). When you download the Storyline file, it's pretty easy to change the soundclip to anything else if you have other audio you want to replace it with. 

As far as imagery, I tried to mix the animated look with little trees from Clip art files. I wanted a "campy" look. Any of the images like the turkey, map, and backgrounds were 100% my creation and the other clipart images were all through royalty free sources.