Theme Colors-Any Thoughts

Jan 25, 2022


I really don't like my organization's brand colors. I often create my courses with a lighter version of the color using a color grid or something and no one seems to mind. I'd love to take the color and get something to churn out some color palettes for me to create a custom theme in Storyline. The problem is that I don't know how to choose the right background, accent colors, etc. Any thoughts/



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Jodi M. Sansone
I understand your predicament.  Sometimes it takes me more time to choose the color theme than actually do the interaction. :) I don't always feel I have the right combination or there's enough contrast for accessibility.  One thing I do (sometimes) is find a photo or a graphic that has all the colors I want to use.  I drop the graphic into storyline and then I create a color theme using the eye dropper tool by sampling all the colors I like.  I play around until I find one that works.  I just did this for the ELC on cutouts--I think it was #356.  I had some visuals and I made my color theme by sampling color from the photos.  I think you just have to play with it until you see something appealing.