Tick marks in menu

Apr 26, 2021


I have designed a module in storyline with menu settings as restricted and  restricted next/previous button unchecked. 

When I preview the module, the menu to the left displays  a tick everytime i access a slide and a lock for slides that aren't accessed yet( refer to the first attached file).

However, the same file, when accessed by a team member doesn't reflect the tick marks and lock in the menu (refer the second attached file).

Is there a way to fix this so that everyone who accesses the file can see the tick marks?




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Lauren Connelly

Hello Bernita!

I'm happy to help! It looks like you and your colleague are using different versions of Storyline 360. In Storyline 360 (Build 3.50.24668.0), we released the enhanced Modern Player, including visual indicators in the Menu. If your colleague uses a previous version of Storyline 360, they won't see checkmarks or lock icons in the Menu.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!