Time calculation not working

Dec 10, 2021


I'm trying to create a game using the drag and drop feature using graphic cards in Storyline. Here's what I want to do:

1) Calculate the time it takes the player to complete the interaction.

2) Use this answer to calculate how much it approx would take them to get each correct answer.

3) Use the answer from #2 to calculate how much time it would take them to get 100 correct answers.

I tried creating the Time Loop functionality using variables. If I add variables to the base layer, the calculation seems to work fine. But if I create a Time layer to create the same function, the time isn't getting calculated. Since the Game duration is for 3 minutes, I'm really hoping I don't have to create 180 triggers on the base layer to achieve this objective. 

Can you please help me figure this out? Attached is the course file.

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