Toggling States

Apr 18, 2022

Hi all,

I am putting together a course to help learners understand some filtering logic for an application.  I have attached a demo version - It only works partially.  I would like for some filter items to disappear depending on the check box that is marked - however, should that box be de-selected, the items should return to their original state.  That part is not happening.  Do I just need to recreate the triggers I already have but switch the status to normal if the check box is not selected?  Is there a simpler method for this?

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David Schwartz

Hi Andrew,

Your logic here is great; I don't know that there is an easier way than adding new triggers. I just copied your triggers, and set them to set the objects back to normal state under the condition that all of the given checkboxes are not selected.

(I did make one change to a trigger, which had the red apple hidden when Red was selected.)

Seems to be working as expected.