Transfer Quiz Result percentage to LMS

Apr 12, 2023

I want to be able to transfer the percentage the learner scored on his quiz to the LMS each time they take the quiz.  How can I do this in Storyline 360?  Prior to using storyline I had Lectora and it always transmitted the score for me and then I used a variable on a specific slide to tell it the course it was completed if needed.  But unfortunately, I cannot figure out a method to do something similar in storyline.  The reason I use this with this specific class is that the person needs to complete the online training and quiz then print off a linked hands-on training module and complete it with a trainer prior to receiving credit for the course.  By having the quiz score transmitted to the LMS I can use it to verify they passed when they turn in the hands on training paperwork and then force the status to completed at that time.  This ensures they did both the online part and the hands on portion without a need for two individual Learning objects in the LMS.

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Steven Benassi

Hi Jeffery!

I see that Carolyn offered some help, but I just wanted to pop in to share that Storyline sends the data to the LMS via the submit results trigger. You'll need to check if you have this trigger put in place correctly if you want the learner's score to be received by your LMS.

Also, here is an article about the type of data Storyline reports to an LMS.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!