Trigger stops working after publishing + States not working on mobile


I have created a slide that has links to other slides.  When I open the project and preview it, the 'Jump to slide' triggers works fine and it takes me to the correct slide. When I then publish the content the 'Jump to slide' triggers stops working in my project as well as on the published content. 

When I save the file under a new name I am then able to get the triggers working in a preview but the same thing as described above then happens.

I have tried deleting the triggers and creating new ones as well as rearranging the order but the problem is still there. The triggers have worked fine for weeks but for some reason this problem popped up today.

Secondly, I have a problem with states not functioning the way I want them on mobile platforms. There are triggers to high light a state when the user hovers or clicks on a button and triggers that change the state to normal after the triggered media ends. This works well on a computer but for some reason not on a mobile platform. On mobile the state changes for a second when I click a button but goes back to normal immediately.

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing your file with me, Kamille! It sounds like you're seeing two different issues here, so let's tackle them one by one.

  1. 'Jump to slide' triggers aren't working correctly. 
    Were you viewing the published output locally when you noticed this happening? Instead, try hosting the published output on a web server or a learning management system to ensure all of the features in your project work properly

    I published your project for Web and hosted it on Tempshare. Here's a screen recording of my testing. I did find that the course took a little while to load at first, because it has so many media files in it. You can also test the link to your published course here!
  2. Hover states aren't working on mobile devices.
    There actually isn't a hover state on mobile devices. Instead, you'll want to use a selected or visited state. 

I hope that helps to clear things up. Let me know if you have other questions!

Claes Weise Mørkeberg

Thanks for your help, Alyssa. It is very much appreciated!

1. I was viewing the output on articulate-online when I first noticed it. I have a copy on a company webserver and there it works fine. The output you published has the same problem. When you click on the video icons it just hangs forever. It should jump to a new slide. When I do a preview in Storyline it works but after publishing it even the preview stops working and no triggers are fired and it just hangs.

It is really frustrating as I was about to deliver the project, that as said have worked for weeks, and now I am clueless as to what to do to get it working.

2. I expressed my self wrong unfortunately. What I meant to say was, that when pressing on a letter button a sound is activated and some of the grapics on top are high lighted (changing state to selected) and when the media ends the state is changed back to normal with a trigger. On a computer that works fine but when running it on a mobile platform the graphics only change state for a split second.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kamille.  I am confirming that I see the same behavior with Alyssa's output on my iPad mini.  I don't see the video slide, and I don't hear the audio.  I only get the momentary state change on the icon.

We're going to do some further testing, and we'll let you know what we see!

Crystal Horn

Hey Kamille.  I noticed at least one thing in your file that was not necessary:  You had triggers to change your letter icons to the Hover and Selected states.  Because those states are built in, you don't need a trigger to make the change!  Storyline does the work for you with built-in states.

Removing the triggers helped the functionality a bit.  Check out this pared-down version of your course here.  I was able to get the selected state to remain on the letter icon while the audio plays.

I'm still having a little trouble with the "active" state on the mouth and head above.  Also, do you know how the letter icon goes back to the normal state after the audio finishes playing?  I don't see a trigger for it, and I would expect it to remain in the selected state without a trigger to change it to normal.

We'll keep hacking away at it, though!

Claes Weise Mørkeberg

Dear Crystal, thank you so much for the help!

The state of the letter icon has puzzled me for a while. I began by having triggers that changed the state when the audio finished but as I added more, suddenly they stopped working. I couldn't figure out why, so thought I would delete all the letter icon triggers and try again, and then suddenly it worked - without triggers. So I thought "I don't know how but it works" and continued with other tasks.
In other words, its a mystery to me how the state of the letter icons change.

It looks really good the version you uploaded - I now have hope the project can work. Thank you again!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kamille! I wanted to keep you in the loop with the work we're doing in your file. We've enlisted the help of our Support Engineers to have a closer look at the triggers and to do further testing on mobile devices. As soon as they have more to share, they'll reach out to you via email. I'll also follow along with your case as it progresses. Keep an eye out for an email from our team!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kamille, thanks for checking in. Lea logged the issue as a software bug, and our team is looking at next steps. Once a bug is logged, here's how we tackle it. 

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any new developments. You'll be notified of any new information immediately since you're now subscribed to this thread. 

Marilou Alegado

Hi, has there been a solution to this issue?

I'm experiencing the same issue right now. And I'm due to present my work for approval tomorrow (!!!!). 

I had published a previous version and uploaded onto Scorm Cloud and it worked just fine. But because I needed to add a couple of paragraphs to the content after the SME review, I had to republish the post-review version and upload onto Scorm Cloud. And that's when I saw the problem. :(

When previewed within Storyline, everything works just fine. But when I publish it and upload it onto Scorm Cloud, the triggers and the motion paths, quiz become problematic and don't work the way they're supposed to.

I would appreciate all the help anyone can give. I've got 25 hours to make this right. :(

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary,

Sorry you ran into an issue with your course - the issue originally discussed here looks to be an issue with objects on a mobile device with content created in Storyline 360. It seems your course was create din Storyline 2, so I'm not certain it's the same issue. 

Could you let me know what slide or slides have the motion path items and are causing you the trouble? Also do you know if you're using the latest update of Storyline, Update 12? I published your course up to SCORM Cloud in case you'd like to test if my version behaves differently than yours. Here's a link to the course. 

Marilou Alegado

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, my Storyline has the latest update 12: 1705.520.

Your version on Scorm Cloud has the same issue. The slide that has the motion paths is slide 1.3 Panels. The content (group) slides across the motion paths just fine when I initially click on the panels, and I am taken to the scenes where the buttons within the panels are supposed to take me. However when I click the continue button from different scenes and go back to the 1.3 slide, the motion paths then go crazy. 

I was able to present my work for approval yesterday only because I used preview from file (not published) which worked just fine.

I hope I'm making sense. Apologies if I had posted on the wrong discussion but this thread is what comes up whenever I type in some keywords of my issue. 

I've attached a screen recording to show you how the panels/motion paths misbehave to give you an idea. Note that when I exit from the Correct feedback, I'm supposed to be taken back to the 1.3 Panels slide and the "What is risk" panel should still be open.

Marilou Alegado

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for responding to my issue. I was viewing the course from Scorm Cloud on Chrome with Flash enabled. I was on my deadline already so I just sent the file to our LMS team and prayed to high heavens it'd work. And it did! I don't know what happened there because I didn't do anything after I posted here. I'll just chalk it up to browser issue, I guess?

Thanks, Ashley.  

Nina Bacun

I am experiencing the same issue now too. When I'm in storyline 360 project works perfectly, but when I publish triggers are not working but working on a refresh of a browser. 

I refresh and then the slides that didn't work ok are they work properly, but some other that worked ok are not working ok after refresh.

I tried clearing my cache, restarting storyline and computer, uploading to an s3 server, but the same behaviour continues. The course is full of triggers and has loads of audio in layers.

Can somebody help me please, my client is not happy as I lost more than 2 days just for this issue?

Glynis Thompson

Good Day

I am having a problem with same problem. In preview mode the triggers work however once published, some triggers do not work. In particular - module 3.

I urgently need this to be resolved as the module was meant to go live yesterday.


Vincent Scoma

Hey Glynis,

Thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry you are running into some snags here. 

I appreciate you sharing the review link as well! I went through module 3 and it appeared that the triggers were working for me. Would you be able to share your .story file to this thread? Also, what triggers are giving you troubles? 

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!