Trouble restricting the Retry option on the results page in 360

Jun 15, 2017

Hello everyone,  I am trying to set the Retry button to only allow the user to "retry" the quiz 3 times.  I created my variable, called Retry and then adjusted the variable with a trigger as such (adjust variable - Retry - +Add - Value of 2 when user clicks the Object Retry Quiz on the Failure layer.  But - even with this set, it is still letting me retry the quiz many, many time.  I also edited the state and set a trigger so that the state would change to Disable after 3 retries.

Can anyone help me figure out either what step/trigger I am missing or what I did wrong.  I thought I followed the HELP documentation correctly, but obviously not.

Thank you!!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tina

hard to say without seeing your file setup. See attached sample.

I have a  number variable called 'retry' and a 'Retry Quiz' button that sits on the Fail layer. After the third attempt the Retry Quiz button is triggered to change state to 'disabled' - you could hide it altogether if you wanted.

Hope this helps

Tina Bradshaw

Thank you Wendy!  That was exactly what I was looking for!!  I set my variable to 3 - not 0 and then had the triggers activate when the user clicked instead of when the timeline started.  I knew I had something wrong, I just couldn't figure it out!  Thank you again!  This is wonderful!!

Tina Bradshaw

Hi Wendy - I am hoping I can pick your brain again on this issue.  Now I have a request to create the same thing as above - but only giving the user 2 retries.  I copied the file and tried to edit the variables that you have already given me - but it is not working.  Can you help me out again?

Marissa Sterl

Hope someone is still following this thread 3 years later but a quick question on you all show a different layer or slide to your learner when they have exhausted all retries? Something like "Sorry, you have exhausted all retry attempts!" If so, how do you set it up? Or do you set it to just show the Failure layer? Thank you!

Ren Gomez

Hi Marissa,

When you adjust the number of attempts of a graded question to be two or more, a Try Again layer will automatically appear for the learner until they've exhausted all attempts, and then the Incorrect layer will appear.

You can increase the number of attempts and then change the verbiage on the Incorrect layer to have this work for you!