Trouble restricting the Retry option on the results page in 360

Hello everyone,  I am trying to set the Retry button to only allow the user to "retry" the quiz 3 times.  I created my variable, called Retry and then adjusted the variable with a trigger as such (adjust variable - Retry - +Add - Value of 2 when user clicks the Object Retry Quiz on the Failure layer.  But - even with this set, it is still letting me retry the quiz many, many time.  I also edited the state and set a trigger so that the state would change to Disable after 3 retries.

Can anyone help me figure out either what step/trigger I am missing or what I did wrong.  I thought I followed the HELP documentation correctly, but obviously not.

Thank you!!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tina

hard to say without seeing your file setup. See attached sample.

I have a  number variable called 'retry' and a 'Retry Quiz' button that sits on the Fail layer. After the third attempt the Retry Quiz button is triggered to change state to 'disabled' - you could hide it altogether if you wanted.

Hope this helps

Tina Bradshaw

Thank you Wendy!  That was exactly what I was looking for!!  I set my variable to 3 - not 0 and then had the triggers activate when the user clicked instead of when the timeline started.  I knew I had something wrong, I just couldn't figure it out!  Thank you again!  This is wonderful!!