Trying to create a layered essay slide

Aug 29, 2018

Hi there, I need some help. I am trying to create an essay question where they can see an ideal answer. I want them to input their answer and when they press submit for a further layer to appear so the ideal answer is below what they inputted...I have tried every permeation of text variable texy entry I can think of and although it works if I preview just the slide, it skips to the next slide if I preview the entire scene...HELP! 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jennifer!

I have a couple of ideas of how you could set this up, but first I'd like to get a little more detail from you.

  • You you want the learner's essay response sent to the LMS, or is it simply for the learner's reflection? 
  • Would you be willing to set this up as two separate slides instead of a slide with a layer?
David Anderson

Hi Jennifer - 

Here's an example I use in my variable workshops:

On one slide, the learner types an answer to a scenario or question and on the following slide the learner's response is displayed beside an expert's response.

Let me know if that works for you and I'll post the source file.