Unable to publish Storyline file

I have a small Storyline project that I had published about two years ago. I made some updates to the project and then went to republish it (for web format). Every time I tried to publish it I got a dialogue box that said something went wrong with Storyline and it was unable to publish. I was able to publish to Articulate review just fine, but it won't publish for the web format. Any idea what might be causing that and a possible workaround?


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Taylor Maruca

Hi Whitney,

I'm sorry to hear about the odd publishing behavior. First I'd want to check that you're working on a local .story file and trying to publish to a local drive as described here. 

Also, if you're working with local project files but the behavior continues when publishing I'd also suggest conducting the repair of Storyline detailed here. 

Please let us know how it goes after checking into those elements.