Quizzes: When you hover over an answer choice, it changes to another (unwanted) answer choice - solution?

My company uses quizzes in its online training. In the quizzes in several of the courses I am working on, the answers in the multiple choice questions change when you hover over them with the mouse. For example, if an answer choice is $100,000, it might change to $50,000 when you hover over that answer. Obviously, we don't want this. However, it's usually the case where the unwanted answer that appears on hover is one of the other answer choices. In this example just given, $50,000 would be one of the other answer choices. Please respond with feedback and a solution asap as we are on tight production deadlines. Thank you.

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Jenny Nilsson

I'm seeing the same behavior. In the answers, though I never edited states, some states have a different answer than others. It happened on multiple questions, which states were different varied, sometimes they're blank. In once case the font size is different, just for the hover state.

When I created the question slides I made a 'sample' with placeholder text for question and answers, duplicated to create the all questions I needed, and then copied/pasted from a Word doc into the form view. (Using the "Keep Text Only" paste option)

The issue of completely different or blank answers appeared only on the last answer. Shifts-on-hover or font size differences appeared in multiple places.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hello, Jenny and Wade.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing the details of what you're experiencing. I'd like to connect you with our support engineers to take a look at what's going on. 

Can you each upload your file that has the hover state issue privately here? The files will be deleted once the troubleshooting is complete. 

Wade France

Hi Maria,

Thanks for your outreach on this one. For the record, I have already
modified our file that was presenting the issue.
As such, I am not certain it will be of great benefit for reference.

I manually went into each question and deleted the all but the Normal and
Selected states for each of the contained answers.
(I could have manually updated as well, but the hover and other states were
not critical).