Updated step by step video

Hi all !

I have to use video on step by step slides, as I can add different elements (hint captions, hotspot, triggers...). My video is about a software which is constantly evolving, so I'd have to update my slides regularly. Unless I am mistaken, I can't just replace screen recording by an other on each slide... So the only way I think of is to reimport my news video step by step, and then add each element on it.

Do you know an other way to simplify theses updates ?

Thanks a lot for your help ! :)

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Justine!

You're spot on--if you need to update the images, you'll want to re-record the software and insert new step-by-step slides.

If there are just a few steps that need to be replaced, you can simply swap out the old slides with the new slides. That will be much faster than starting over from scratch. 

Let me know if you have any questions about that!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Carla!

We don't currently have a way to swap out the images from the Media Library on a video that's already been recorded. I can see how this would be useful, though! I'm happy to share this idea with my team. You can also share this in a feature request to update you if this makes it on our roadmap.