Using code to create SCORM wrappers

Sep 14, 2022

Hello fellow Storyline users, 
I have a client that needs hundreds of Mp4 videos wrapped in SCORM. Is there a faster way of doing this besides putting each video into Storyline and then creating a SCORM package? I was hoping to have some code written where I could place a variable for the individual mp4 file name and have it auto generated. 

Any ideas are appreciated! Thank you!  

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Mary! I'll let others chime into see if they have any better ideas for you, but I don't know of a way to write a script to turn hundreds of videos into SCORM files. However, rather than putting each video file into Storyline 360, you could just upload them to Review 360 by choosing the link at the top of your Review 360 screen for "To add items, publish from any Articulate 360 app or upload a file." Upload your videos, and then Export as LMS packages.