Using Next button with Auto Advance

We want to give our learners the option to click through a slide that is set to auto-advance at the end of the timeline.

However, we're finding that if the timeline reaches a certain point (unsure exactly what that is), if the user clicks Next, it will skip the next slide in sequence and go to the one following it.

Is there a remedy for this without having to program Next to a specific slide?


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Mary Beth,

The situation might be that the user is clicking the Next button in conjunction with the end of the timeline. In other words, they're clicking Next as the program is auto-advancing to the 2nd slide. Then the program interprets the click as occurring on the 2nd slide, so it advances to the 3rd slide. If that is the case, even programming Next to jump to a specific slide wouldn't work.

But I have to ask: What's the reason for including auto-advance? Why not have the user always take the initiative to advance by clicking Next

I've heard some folks say that courses with audio should be able to auto-advance. Well, sure, if it's a podcast. But if there's content on the slides that should be viewed, then I'd avoid auto-advancing. Otherwise, you're just giving someone the option to have the course play in the background while they do other tasks. IMHO.